There was once a mad woman who was so broken she was scared to love. She fell in love with a broken man, and she didn't know it was love. She was sure that he loves her too then. But he was broken. 

She took almost 10 years to mend her broken pieces and when she reached out through text messaging to the man she loves, he couldn't remember her anymore. So, she decided to let him go. After all, she cannot even remember how he looks like anymore. Although she wasn't the same broken mad woman, but there is still a part of madness in her that will never go away. 

So, she will wait. However long it takes, she will wait for her man who will claim this piece and wear it on a date with her. To make things interesting, she will not post the photo of the item of interest. Let's just say that it is unrepeatable and one-of-its-kind. :D Coz she believes in miracles and the man she is meant to love.


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