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If you are having a string of bad luck, it's time you try to cut the string. If you are having a series of good luck, don't let a few bad incidents bring you down. My Grab driver dropped me off at a wrong location yesterday. I picked the wrong drop off on the map. The location she dropped me was an unoccupied building. I panicked for a moment, but messaged the group chat where I was supposed to have lunch with my colleagues. Even in this stroke of bad luck, I felt blessed, for my colleagues checked the message in the Whatsapp group chat, and saw my message. They sent me to location of the lunch venue, and I could order a Grab car within seconds and I finally arrived at the lunch venue 30 minutes late. I can focus on my stroke of bad luck here.  Why did I go to the wrong location?  Why couldn't my colleagues picked me up from my location? But I choose to be thankful for the things that went right: My colleagues replied to my Whatsapp message I could get a Grab car within sec

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